R Wind band
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For most people music is a lifelong passion pursued to a variety of levels throughout a lifetime. I love playing and continue to strive to improve and move forward on my musical journey. I have met many extremely talented players over the years who enjoy music as a full or part time vocation and some who follow a totally different path but for whom music is still an essential part of their lives. Whilst great strides have been made in the availability of opportunities for those starting out I feel for those that have invested time and effort into their music often have nowhere to share or further develop their amazing talent.

Please contact us if the following apply:

It’s not the piece of paper that’s important but your ability to understand and play at this level is vital - this is for your benefit and the team of players you are playing with.


“.. The standing ovation from The large audience could Not  refute what a truly Enjoyable  evening it had been for Everyone.”  Philip Buttall - Evening Herald Review


I worked with wind ensembles for 12 years at Plymouth University and love the wide variety of tone, colour and texture that can be achieved with this versatile ensemble. After having the privileged opportunity to study conducting with Guy Woolfenden and Laszlo Marosi in 2010 with a symphonic wind band I was quite literally blown away!!! The more I have explored the exciting new repertoire being written for this ensemble the stronger the desire to share and encourage others to explore this amazing genre of music.

Hence the idea to start RWindband was born.

Enjoying music. Continuing to Develop and  improve. More