R Wind band

Plan for return to rehearsals for Rwindband under Covid 19 restrictions

Date for planned return 11th September

Venue.  Burraton Community Centre (BCC)

Time. Rehearsal to start 19.30 to 21.30

Our aim is to return to playing on and at the above times. Of course things will be different for us in the way we set up, distance, take our breaks and leave the venue. So this doc hopefully will allow you to decide if you wish to return at this time.

We have submitted our Covid risk assessment to the Centre and this has been accepted.

Government rules changed for bands on 22nd August 2020 to allow us to return in a Covid secure venue and in a Covid secure manner.

BCC has been working very hard to be Covid secure. Which it now is.

Making Music who we are insured with and are leaders in the music industry have now given the all clear for ensembles to return to a new normal.

There are rules that are non-negotiable are in place at the BCC that we will stick to when we return. These are for all of us so please read this doc and make sure you are happy with all these changes before you decide to return.

We as managers of RWindband have to sign a contract that clearly states if we do not follow the new rules we may have our rehearsals cancelled for whatever period of time the committee decides. This could be permanent.

You are the only person that knows if returning is the best thing for you.

If you are in an at risk group please make sure you have thought through all aspects of a return to rehearsals. Any at risk person that returns to any activity does so knowing all the risks and their responsibilities.

Our return and how we operate.

The venue will be cleaned before and after our use by us. There is a cleaning check list and materials are supplied by BCC.

There are hands free sanitiser machines at both entrances to the venue. So please use on entry and exit.

We have and will use a non-contact thermometer on all members on arrival. If you have a high reading you will be asked not to come in.

If you feel unwell please do not come to a rehearsal and let us know you are not coming.

Be sure to social distance on the way in and out. Taking care not to gather in doorways.

We will not be supplying any music stands for rehearsals so please bring your own.

Our dribble mats cannot be used. So every one of us other than percussion and keyboard must bring a towel of some kind to clean up all dribbles. You then of course will take your towel away with you.

Chairs will be set up at the government guidelines distance of 2 meters distance between each player. If guidance changes so will this.

We will set out the chairs before you arrive but you will sanitise and stack your own chair before you leave. Materials will be supplied.

For at least the first few weeks we will not use the kitchen so please bring your own refreshments and take away all your rubbish. Once we have a routine working that we are all happy with we can look at getting the kitchen up and running as normal.

If socialising between sets, you may feel masks are a good idea. If the weather is good going outside during the break might be a good idea.

We will be initially be ventilating the venue during rehearsals so please make sure you are dressed bearing in mind it may be a little chilly.

We could do with at least two volunteers to help setup and clear away. This would mean arriving at 19.00 and leaving at 22.00. Please let us know if you are able to volunteer.

Music packs will be put out for you and you then put them away at the end of the night. They will not then be touched until the following week so should be free of any bacteria after the first 72 hours if that was to be an issue.

The venue is cleaned by every group using it before and after use and the centre is deep cleaned at least once a week including using BCC’s own fogging machine.

Water heaters for bathrooms are being fitted in the next week in all toilets.

If you use the toilet you will need to clean it after use. Materials supplied.  

Please social distance when using the toilets.

If you do return and on any particular week you cannot make the rehearsal please let us know as setting up does take time and setting up a chair that will remain empty is something we want to avoid. Bear in mind that the distance between players with your empty chair would be 4 meters.

We have been asked not to use any wheeled items over the halls floor. The hall has been sanded and varnished. So feel free to wheel to the hall doors then carry your items in. If they are too heavy ask for help.

We may decide to use the stage area to ensure distancing. If you are on stage please be aware of the obvious risks. I will not sit anyone on the front edge so please stay away from that area and only use the stairs to access or leave the stage.

I have spent many days removing lights, curtains and rigging from the stage so it is much clearer, cleaner and safer than before.

If you see or think of anything that concerns you. Let us know.

Our aim is to run the term as normal with a Christmas concert on our original date of the second Saturday in December. Ruth will send out dates for these.

If there are restrictions at the time of the concert we aim to still have concert even if only for family and friends. This concert may also be by advance tickets only so we can control numbers.